Homemade Body Butter

I love this recipe because it enables me to moisturize and nourish my skin without harsh ingredients!

1/2 Cup of organic refined coconut oil (you can also use unrefined if you like the coconut smell)

1/2 cup of organic Shea butter

1 pint jar with lid

25-40 drops of essential oils of choice (I like to use oils that support my skin, such as melrose, frankincense, grapefruit, manuka etc. )

Whip the coconut oil and Shea butter together in medium glass bowl. Add essential oils of choice. Whip again. With a spatula put the whipped oils in jar and store in room temperature. Enjoy!

Important note* If you choose any citrus oils, keep in mind that they are photosensitive, which means you shouldn’t wear it on your skin in the sun, as it heightens the effects of the sun and can cause serious sun burn.