DIY Baby Wipes

Ever since Klara was born, I have been so thankful for this easy DIY reusable baby wipes recipe!
I love that it has simple ingredients and is safe for my sweet little’s bum. Adding the essential oils helps to preserve the wipe solution and aid in healing and soothing the skin. It’s important to have alcohol-free witch hazel, as added alcohols dry out skin. I also like to make sure my witch hazel does NOT include phonoxyethonol, a skin irritant and possible reproductive toxicity.
Okay, here’s the recipe!
30-50 cotton squares
2 TBS. Alcohol-free Witch Hazel
5 drops YL Tea Tree Essential Oil
10 Drops YL Lavender Essential Oil
1 tsp. Carrier Oil (I like sweet almond oil)
1-2 Cups of Warm Water
Put all ingredients except the water into your wipe container and then top off with the warm water. Gently Swirl to mix oils and which hazel, then add your cotton wipes! Goof for 7-10 days.
You can also use paper towels in place of reusable cotton squares if you like the convenience of disposable wipes.
P.S. If you’re wondering about YL oils, you can find more info here. If you’re wanting to grab yourself some YL oils, head here.