You might have some questions! Here’s what I have for answers!

•Why is the wellness box more expensive than other starter kits on the market?

You get what you pay for. Young Living is a high quality essential oil producing company and you are getting a high quality product that can’t be beat in purity and production. If an oil doesn’t meet Young Living’s Standard by just a tiny bit, it won’t be sold. Read more about Young Living’s Seed to Seal guarantee. The wellness box is listed at an incredible price ($165) and has incredible value (over $400)!

•What comes in my first wellness box?

You can find a list of items that come in your first wellness box here.

•When I enroll as a wholesale Young Living member, am I obligated to sell Young Living?

No! You are never required to sell anything or keep an inventory. Being a wholesale member simply means you get the lovely 24% off retail price and only have to have made one (or several adding up to) 50pv order withing a year of enrolling in order to keep your membership active.

•When I am purchasing my wellness box and it asks if I want to use my Premium Starter Kit to enroll in Essential Rewards, what does that mean?

Essential Rewards (ER) is Young Livings monthly subscription program. You have the option to enroll with your very first order! It’s the best way to get non-toxic products into your home one month at a time. There’s a minimum of 50pv (similar to $50) each month in order to remain enrolled in the program.

You can earn points toward future purchases with each ER order. The longer you subscribe, the more rewards you will earn! For example, when you place a 100 PV Essential Rewards order in your first three months, you’ll earn 10 points each month to redeem for free products. Ordering more on your subscription? Earn even more points!

You can also earn free products with Essential Rewards! Make consecutive 50 PV orders every month and you’ll earn free product every three months for the first year. In your 12th month, you’ll get an exclusive blend for ER members!
Simply subscribe to Essential Rewards and make a 50 PV order or more! These Young Living favorites could be yours, free!
3 consecutive months: Peppermint Vitality™ essential oil, 5 ml*
6 consecutive months: Thieves® Vitality™ essential oil blend, 5 ml*
9 consecutive months: Melaleuca Alternifolia essential oil, 15 ml*
12 consecutive months: Loyalty™ essential oil blend, a special blend that Young Living Founder D. Gary Young formulated exclusively for Essential Rewards members!

•What if I want to do the business side of Young Living and sell their products?

Great! There are so many perks to being an active Young Living member and Sharing about Young Living with friends and family. Check out Young Living’s Compensation Plan here. You can also find an average annual income for people doing the business here.

If you decide to do the business as a member and have purchased your first wellness box through me, I have exclusive training and support for you to help you succeed! Contact me to get started!