You might have some questions! Here’s what I have for answers!

•What has been you biggest health challenge?

My biggest health challenge has been my eczema. I’ve struggled with it for years now but I’ve always known I wanted to heal it through natural ways. Young Living products, homeopathic remedies, supplements, detoxing, cleanses, herbs, etc have all been big parts of my wellness journey.

•Why is Young Living more expensive than other essential oils on the market?

You get what you pay for. Young Living is a high quality essential oil producing company and you are getting a high quality product that can’t be beat in purity and production. If an oil doesn’t meet Young Living’s Standard by just a tiny bit, it won’t be sold. Read more about Young Living’s Seed to Seal guarantee.

•What Brands of Homeopathic Remedies Do you Recommend?

My favorite brand of homeopathic remedies are Boiron products. They are made in Europe and don’t have a ton of added ingredients.

•How can I get my hands on some of Young living’s products?

You can find a list of recommended items here.

•What if I want to sell Young Living products?

Great! There are so many perks to being a brand ambassador and sharing about Young Living with friends and family. All you have to do is purchase the business essentials packet and you’re in!

Check out Young Living’s Compensation Plan and learn more about becoming a brand ambassador by scrolling down after clicking here.

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