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Life Gets Busy

Life gets busy! Does it ever actually slow down?

Not really.

Not unless you make time for it.

Not unless you say no to some things.

Not unless you say yes to slowing down and no to doing too much.

What does your calendar look like going into this Fall/Winter season? Are you making time to slow down? This is something I struggle with and would imagine some of you might too.

Since having my second baby (a boy! Mathias, born September 13th and just the sweetest addition 💙) it’s been on my mind a lot to slow down even more. Of course recovery from giving birth is somewhat a forced slow down in life, however, with Fall activities it’s easy to want to fill up my calendar with things that take me away from home and are not restful.

So I thought I’d write on here (I know it’s been too long since I last did. Forgive me!) about how I’m going to personally choose to slow down and wondered if maybe you would join me?

How are some ways that you can slow down this season and deliberately enjoy life in the moment? If you feel so inclined please do share with us in the comments below.

Here’s my plan:

That’s all I’ve go so far. What about you?!?

Happy Tuesday!

~ Katie

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