Belly Serum

Recently I’ve started using a face serum that my sister made for and gifted me at Christmas. It’s been so luxurious and soothing on my face, I thought I’d try it on my growing baby bump.

After just a week of using this concoction on my belly my skin has already noticed a difference in moisture and even skin tones. I’m loving it!

My tummy tends to get dry, red and blotchy when it’s being stretched to accommodate new life. This face serum oil blend has been wonderful to say the least, so if you’re expecting, have dry skin, or just want to pamper yourself, I’ve adapted my sister’s recipe just a bit to be versatile for the whole epidermis! 😉

Here’s what you’ll need:

• A pretty glass dropper bottle, about 2 oz. or more in size

• Jojoba oil

• 7 drops Frankincense, 6 drops ylang ylang, 5 drops lavender, 4 drops myrrh, 3 drops copaiba, 2 drops carrot seed and 1 drop blue tansy essential oils (I love using Young Living’s EO’s)

Drop essential oils into your bottle following the order listed above. Top off with jojoba oil. Label your bottle and keep handy. Gently shake and then apply directly to your skin after a shower on areas that need a little extra pampering.


~ Katie


It’s always smart to use a carrier oil (jojoba, olive, coconut etc.) when using essential oils topically. The carrier oil helps the essential oils to evaporate slower, giving them more time to absorb into your skin.

Blue tansy essential oil is know for its rich blue/green color. Don’t be surprised when your serum is a pretty dark color! The oil will absorb nicely into your skin leaving so blue tint. Keep in mind however, that it can stain clothing.

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