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Davallia Fejeensis

It is time for another plant post because I love plants and I’d like to think you love them too 😉🌿

with the darker days and colder weather I feel that it’s appropriate to enjoy my house plants even more. A simple house plant can warm up a room so well!

This beautiful lady is called Davallia fejeensis or Rabbit’s foot fern.

She’s not fuzzy but her feet are! She has little furry footed rhizomes, which if you look hard enough you can peep coming out of the pot. 🥰

she loves to be kept evenly moist and enjoys humidity. Keeping in a well lit bathroom is always a plus!

A fun fact about her is that she grows from rhizomes and reproduces via spores!

Do you have a fern of sorts in your home? These evergreen, feathery and graceful arching plants are a must have for every home.

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