…And that’s how I decided Young Living was worth sharing with my friends and family

When I had a need/desire for natural products that didn’t harm our bodies (especially my baby’s) AND those products I tried out WORKED, I knew it was worth every. single. penny.

I was ever so thankful that I had a caring friend who was willing to encourage me to just give it a try.

And even better? The money I spent on the products she directed me to was helping her too.

It wasn’t just going to a big corporation or company that didn’t value its customers.

It wasn’t just going to a company that continues to sell toxic ingredients and marketing it as safe.

*It went to MY friend and it supported her*. It supported the existence of clean ingredients in products with the company mindset of people. over. profit.

Hear me out; I know that not all multi level marketing companies are honest, and help people, but actually can hinder them or financially burden them.

I realize that there are companies out there that still exist as pyramid schemes (where you pay for something and never get it).

I realize that maybe you haven’t been convinced Young Living isn’t one of them.

All of that is fine but…

This is my experience. This is my story (and hundreds of thousands of others) of how Young Living is a blessing.

Young Living is a multi level marketing company that cuts out the storefront and need to hire sales folk. They enable members to use what they love already and share it with others, while making a paycheck.

How many times do we tell our friends and family how much we love a product, even if it’s something like a towel set that’s super soft, or a baby stroller? We naturally share things we love right? Even though we don’t get paid for it by the company that produced it.

All I’m saying here is that I love and use my Young Living products everyday and they work. They benefit my body and my family without side effects and they up our wellness game.

I fell in love with the products and Young Living as a company. I never intended to “do the business”. But now…

When my friends/family want to better their wellness too, Young Living gives me the opportunity to be blessed financially while blessing others wellness.

I’m simply thankful for that because I don’t have to be a saleswoman. I can just be me and simply share what I love.

If you had the opportunity to help people discover a healthier way of living and a increasing wellness, purpose, and abundance, wouldn’t you take it?

If you are curious about Young Living as a company or want to ask more questions of my experience etc. please do. I’d love to chat with you.

*income disclosure statement. http://yl.youngliving.com/rs/748-HIV-608/images/IDSOnlineVersion_PDF_US.pdf

Ready to become a member with Young Living and up your wellness game too? Get started here.

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