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Why You Need Spider Plants in Your Home ASAP

OK. It’s time to talk about the spider plant and it’s amazing ability to absorb toxins in the air and possibly even radiation/electromagnetic fields!

According to a study done by NASA in 1989 the common household spider plant (also know as Chlorophytum elatum) was able to absorb 10,378 micrograms of formaldehyde in a sealed chamber. WOW! 😳 😳 😲

formaldehyde is on so many things that we purchase! It’s amazing how much this pollutes our indoor air from the things we bring home from the store. 🤔

Because of this study many people believe that house plants have the ability to reduce toxins in your home, and some even say help to block electromagnetic fields (EMF’s). I am one of those people! I’m not a #crazyplantlady and essential oil (basically the best part of a plant) user for nothing, you know. 😉

I think it’s amazing that God ha given us so many natural resources!

Now, let’s talk about that EMF protection from plants. Because of this NASA study done in 1989 (that was before all this wireless stuff came out right?) people have claimed that plants can block or absorb EMF’s.

As far as I can find, there’s no research showing that common house plants have successfully absorbed or blocked EMF’s.

Yes the study titled “Interior landscape plants for indoor air pollution abatement” by NASA DOES show air pollution being reduced by house plants, including the spider plant, however, there are no such claims in the study that show they reduced radiation/EMF’s from computers etc.

Is that to say that plants don’t have that capability?!? WHO KNOWS! All I know is that having house plants in your home is always a good idea. 🥰

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