I Need Your Input!

I’m still learning about plants and I don’t know it all, I even sometimes can’t keep plants alive. BUT, I’m always learning and I love plants. You could even call them my own version of a pet 😉

I need your input on something. Do you think I should share more about the different kind of house plants and why/how you can benefit from them? Should I talk more about how to care for them and keep them alive? Would you enjoy it if this #crazyplantlady did more research on plants and enthusiastically shared the info with you? As a friend I’d love your help in making this decision!


P.S. This Fiddle Leaf Fig has been my inspiration for learning more about house plants. There’s so much care that they need that no one tells you when you first pick it up at the nursery, and then you wonder why the leaves crack and it doesn’t sprout new branches but just keeps growing up! 🤷‍♀️ I’ve chopped the top of and hoping that spring will bring some new branches!

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  1. I’d love to learn how to make sedum thrive as a house plant. Mine go leggy, leaves drop, new growth is puny. Enjoy your posts. Karen

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