Checking In

Y’all. Life has been crazy!

This year my husband and I checked off a few things on our bucket list, two of which were having a baby and buying a house!

We did it too, we bought a house in April, had our beautiful baby girl in July, and moved a few states over in November. Whew. It’s been a year alright.

Having just been in our new home for just under two weeks, it’s amazing what a responsibility it is owning your own home. Can you relate?

I’ve also been trying to unpack while take care of a 4 month old. Let’s just say not a whole lot has gotten done, and I’m okay with that. Finally! Am I learning? You betcha!

But just for fun I want to tell you that my kitchen is pretty much completely unpacked and totally useable. We did a lot of work on it (see before and after photos below) and it payed off. I’m loving my new kitchen and having my own space, even if it all isn’t unpacked and perfect.

So all this to say that hey, I’m alive and I’m checking in with y’all before Christmas. Fancy that! So sorry it’s been so long since I’ve written to you all. Thank you for sticking with me!

Yours truly,

~ Katie

Our kitchen before:

Our kitchen after:

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