The Birth Story of Klara Kate

I posted on Instagram last week that I was going to write the birth story of Klara and how God truly met me in my need. So here I am. I kept myself accountable and I wrote it!

Here we go…

About two years ago in April I found out that I was pregnant. This wasn’t exactly planned but both my husband Jake and I weren’t really trying NOT to get pregnant, you know? We were both so shocked and not sure how to feel about it at first. It didn’t feel real. Until it was. We began to realize that this was the new situation we were in and decided to be happy about it! We told our close family and they were all so happy for us. It was really hard to keep it a secret from most everyone else until 12 weeks (when they say your chances of a miscarriage go way down).

Around 5 weeks I found a naturopathic Dr. and midwife who Jake and I both really liked. I had my first prenatal appointment at 8 weeks and we tried to find the heartbeat but couldn’t. “That’s okay, it’s still a little early” my Dr. said. So we continued on until my first ultrasound at around 10 weeks. It was all so new and kind of scary at that ultrasound, as I had never received one before and have total white coat syndrome. The ultrasound tech was very quiet and efficient and said “okay you’re done. Here’s your Dr.’s phone number, she wants you to call her right away.”

Jake and I both looked at each other and thought that that can’t be good. We were on our way to my cousin’s birthday party right after that so I called my Dr. in the car on the way over. She told me on the phone that I had a blighted ovum, which basically means that everything developed except the embryo inside my uterus. She said that one in four first time pregnancies are blighted ovums.

After I hung up the phone I balled my eyes out. No baby. We got to the birthday party and I tried to make it through and pretend everything was fine. Of course it wasn’t, but I knew that God had a plan and to have a baby at that point in time wasn’t it. I let the miscarriage happen naturally which took about two more weeks of constant reminder of no baby. It was June when it happened. June was a really hard month.

Fast forward two more years and two more miscarriages and lots of bloodwork and Dr. visits to see if there was a reason I couldn’t hold a pregnancy. We couldn’t find anything! In November of 2018 I was pregnant again. I was scared. I was afraid this one was going to end too soon also. I prayed that if it wasn’t meant to be that God would be merciful, and let the miscarriage take place right away so that it wouldn’t be as traumatic on my body, although the sadness would never leave my heart.

Two weeks went by, and then another, and another and then I made it to 13 weeks, the furthest I’ve ever made it in any of my pregnancies. I began to get excited. Maybe all of the extra things I was doing to support my body (things like Progessence Plus, thyroid support, all the supplements, asking for prayer etc.) were working!?!

At 17 weeks, on my birthday, we announced the pregnancy.

Everything from this point all the way up until my water broke went amazingly smooth. Baby was healthy and everything looked good. We decided we didn’t want to find out whether it was going to be a boy or a girl, so we kept it a surprise to ourselves and everyone else.

My due date was July 24th, 2019, and that morning I woke up feeling normal (as normal as you can being 9 mos. pregnant) and nothing was happening. I didn’t think the baby would come that day. Leading up to my due date I arranged for a home birth, with a birthing pool and my amazing Dr./midwife. I was only going to be able to continue with that plan if baby wasn’t breech. I had my last ultrasound at 26 weeks, and baby was breech then, however, he/she flipped sometime shortly after that. Praise God!

At 10:20pm on my due date my water broke out of no where! It trickled down my leg and I squealed to Jake “I think my water just broke!” No contractions. Nothing. We went to sleep that night thinking it could happen in the middle of the night but it didn’t. No one slept very good due to the excitement. I began to feel a tad scared at what my body was about to go through.

At 1 o’clock the next day Jake and I went to my scheduled prenatal appointment and told my Dr. my water was broken and slowly leaking. Contractions started around then but were very gentle. We checked the baby’s heartbeat and everything seemed fine. Around 2pm when we got home my contractions all of the sudden were getting more noticeable. They became intense shortly there after and I found myself bouncing gently on the birthing ball to relive some tailbone pressure.

Jake stayed by my side as contractions were getting worse. I’m so thankful for him. My mom came in and was rubbing my back. Jake helped me to remember to breathe deeply and let out deep moans, which helped so much. By 5pm my mom was filling up the birthing pool and Jake called the midwife. I started to get nauseous and my mom had a feeling that that was transition. She was right.

Things moved rather quickly after that and I was able to soak in the birthing pool through some really hard contractions. They picked up and were back to back, hardly giving me a 30 second break in between. By now my midwife had arrived with two assistants and after checking me she thought it would be another 5 hours before I pushed my baby out. She went out of the room to eat her dinner and by the time she came back I was feeling very ready to push. It was 7:30pm. She checked me and said “oh wow the head is right there!”

The next several contractions were the worst pain I’d felt in my life, but at the same time was the best feeling because I could push! I prayed “Jesus please just give me a little break.” No pause between contractions. I could feel things happening. I could feel my baby’s head getting lower and lower. My hands and feet began to tingle. They gave me some oxygen. 45 minutes of good pushing contractions and I was about to crown when I reached down and felt my baby’s head, which I thought was an ear at the time because of how wrinkly it felt. “Oh my gosh, it’s really happening!” I said in my head. One more hard push and the head was out! I got to rest for about 45 seconds after that. Thank you Jesus. That break was much needed. It was such a relief knowing the hardest part was over. Another contraction didn’t come so I got to push with just my breath. Deep breath in and push!!!

A rush of emotion swept over me as I felt my husband supporting my shoulders and my baby get placed on my chest. “This is the biggest accomplishment of my life” I thought. I cried tears of joy as Jake checked what it was. “It’s a little girl” he said. And I cried again.

God truly met me in my need. He blessed me with my desired home birth. He gave me a safe delivery. He granted me the ability to do so unmedicated. To God be the glory!

God’s timing is perfect. He has blessed us with this beautiful baby girl, Klara Kate Rowe, and we couldn’t be more thankful.

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  1. Hard things, good things, hard times and a glorious finish with this beautiful little girl. Thank you for sharing your story. To God be the glory.

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