Never Before Seen…

I know it’s been a while since I’ve made a post here (real life happens y’all, and I’ve been busy prepping my home in ID. More on that later) however, today is an important day!

Never before seen 15ml Valor and Peace & Calming Essential Oil blends are on a special promo now until June 6th, 2019!!! Up until today Young Living has only ever had these oils available in a 5ml bottle.

Before I get into the details I want you to know that these are two highly used blends in my home for numerous ailments and emotional support etc. In other words, these two oils are invaluable and available now at an amazing deal!

Did I mention that this deal comes with a special addition Desert Mist diffuser (basically free because of the value of this deal, and what it’s priced at)? It’s Young Living’s 25th Anniversary as the world leading Essential Oil Company and this is what they are spoiling us members with!

Let’s take a look shall we?

If you’re a Young Living member this is available to you right now until June 6th (while supplies last, and I have a feeling they won’t, so hurry!) at $79.75. The price of 5ml (not this special 15ml) valor and Peace & Calming comes to $74.50 wholesale. Do you see why this is such an amazing deal and SO generous of Young Living? Not only do you get three times the amount in these bottles but you also get a special 25th anniversary addition diffuser that lasts up to ten hours for just $5.25 more!!!

Okay, so what if you’re not a member of Young Living but want to take advantage of this amazing deal?!? Run, don’t walk! You can snag this deal today by becoming a member with your first wellness box. Let’s take a look.

If you head here you can grab your first oil wellness box (or choose from other box options) and add the special 25th Anniversary bundle to your order. You’ll instantly get 24% off retail price and an amazing community of others jumping on the wellness train and learning how to use alternative methods for kicking illness and toxins in your home to the curb.

If you’re new around here and grab your first wellness box I also mail you a welcome packet and am always available to answer any questions you may have. I am so thankful I was introduced to Young Living products because they changed my Wellness game, and I want that for you too! Head here to get started.

To learn more about Young Living as a company, head here.

Thank you for sharing your time with me today. Happy Monday!!!


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