Super B to the Rescue!

Recently I’ve been down in this no energy funk. I know I’m growing a baby and all but wow, am I ever so tired mid afternoon.

I started taking Young Living’s Super B vitamins and can truly say that it has done wonders for me and how productive my day is when I take it.

So what is Super B? Young Living makes an amazing supplement line and Super B is one of them! It’s a B vitamin complex with added nutmeg essential oil to give you that boost of energy your body needs and all those important B vitamins. Please note that it also has folate, not folic acid which is typically chemically created. The folate in this supplement is naturally occurring.

Check out the ingredients!

Needless to say, if you haven’t tried this supplement I highly recommend that you do! I waited till I was pregnant and so exhausted to try them and was so surprised by how my body has responded. Just imagine what kind of energy you could get not being pregnant!

If you aren’t familiar with Young Living and would like to learn more about them as a company, head here.

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