Something Sweet!

A few weeks ago I discovered a new combo of essential oil blends from Young Living for diffusing. My entire family agreed it was so very sweet and pleasant! Any guesses on what we all thought the sweet aroma reminded us of?

Root beer! It has been several years since I’ve had a real glass of root beer, simply because I’ve chosen to make healthier decisions for my body and am more aware of what I put in it. Another reason is because my body also wouldn’t put up with it today. Read all about my skin journey and what processed sugars have to do with it here.

When I discovered this new combo of oils for diffusing it instantly brought me back to the memory of the sweet taste of root beer. You could almost taste it in the air!

Okay, okay. You’re probably thinking ‘just share the combo already so I can get to diffusing it!’

So without further ado here it is!

Root beer diffuser combo:

Fill your diffuser to the fill line with water. Hunt down Panaway and StressAway essential oil blends from Young living. If you don’t know what Young Living is or where to get started with their oils, head here.

Place 6 drops of StressAway and 5 drops of Panaway in your full diffuser. Place the lid(s) on and turn it on. If you have a diffuser with intermittent settings (like the Desert Mist or Lantern diffuser from Young Living) I recommend you turn it on to this option. That way you can benefit all day long from the constituents each oil contains, and enjoy the sweet smell of root beer throughout your home.

That’s all for now! I hope you enjoy your root beer for the day. Cheers!!!


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