18 Weeks!

I’ve officially made it to 18 weeks pregnant! I still sometimes have a hard time believing this is real, and then I look down or feel baby move and am always surprised!

I’ve been so loving diffusing Valor at night and I think it has also done wonders for my teeth clenching habit that I developed while sleeping over the past years. Another thing I’ve been loving during this pregnancy is rose ointment. If you don’t have this stuff yet, I highly recommend it! It’s a Young Living ointment for all the things! Skin, hair, stretch marks etc. I currently rub some on my belly and hands at night because 1. It contains rose essential oil (one of the highest frequency oils!) 2. It has all great healing ingredients for my severely dry skin. 3. My baby bump loves the love it gives!

Here’s a little bump picture for your enjoyment. Happy Sunday!

Katie’s 18 week baby bump

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