The Aromalux

Do you diffuse?

Diffusing is an awesome and effective way to get oils into your home and benefiting your family.

This Aromalux diffuser from Young Living is one of my top favorite diffusers of all time! Here’s why:

•Diffuses straight essential oil
•The bottle screws directly into the diffuser
•There’s no mess and hardly any maintenance
•You can make your own blends into one bottle and diffuse
•It runs up to 10 hours
•No water required
•It can spew straight oil for as little as one minute
•It can stay off for up to 20 minutes
•It comes with extra little straws so you can easily interchange oils

This diffuser is so easy to use and I love how I can have spurts of body system supporting oils floating around my home everyday all day without me even having to think about it!

What diffuser do you have and use and why do you love it?

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