Redwood Forests

Recently I went on a spontaneous road trip to visit the Redwood Forests with a few of my siblings. It was a quick trip, but very enjoyable and I wanted to share with you a few of the photos I took. I hope you enjoy! If you ever get the opportunity to visit these massive, amazing, beautiful trees, I highly recommend it!

Pictures don’t do these beauties justice, however, you can kind of get a glimpse of just how massive these Redwood trees really are.
The Redwood trees are able to live for thousands of years. They can withstand forest fires because their bark is so thick.


One of the places we stopped at along the was was just outside of Eureka. The Samoa Cookhouse was on the Samoa Peninsula and was such a fun stop!
The cookhouse was kind of a museum of when the Redwoods used to be harvested. This is a commercial oven stove/oven they would have used to serve large groups of hungry men.
They had photographs on the wall in the Samoa Cookhouse of some of the trees harvested. This particular tree was over 26 feet in diameter, and the men had to cut them down with a hand saw!


I loved visiting these massive trees, some of which date back to when Jesus was born.
I love my family! I am so glad I got to go on this quick trip with these siblings of mine!

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