New Savvy Products

If you aren’t a member of Young Living yet, you may not have heard that they just released some exciting new Savvy Minerals make-up colors!

Savvy Minerals is an amazing make-up that can get you quality coverage and all day wear, while being NON-TOXIC AND SAFE FOR YOUR SKIN! Why am I shouting? Because when you find something good, no, great, you shout it from the rooftops! I have always struggled with having nice skin that doesn’t breakout because of the make-up I wear, or lotion I use, and Young Living through Savvy Minerals has solved my problem! I love using something that my skin loves.

Enough about me though, let’s talk about the new colors! Lipstick: Infused with tangerine essential oil (yasss!), Savvy Minerals now has 6 new fun colors in moisturizing lipstick to seal anything with a kiss! Check it out here and read more about the details. Lip gloss: With 2 new lip glosses added to the already amazing 4 Young Living already offered, you are bound to fall in love. Eye shadow: Young Living’s Savvy Minerals has a great selection of eye shadow, and just added 2 new purple colors! Take a closer look here.

Coming Soon: Poppy Seed Lip Scrub for voluptuous and moisturized smooth lips!

For more details on Savvy Minerals by Young Living, go here. To browse the Savvy Minerals website, click here. To get started with the best make-up ever, go here.

Happy Saturday!


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