Ningxia and Ningxia Zyng

This time of year always gets so busy. Christmas activities, house cleaning, guests visiting, traveling, baking, shopping, you name it. I find myself drained of energy and lacking motivation if I do not take care of myself well in the month of December. What about you?

A few things I like to do to just help boost my energy this time of year is drink Ningxia Red, and Ningxia Zyng (every once in a while as an extra boost). Ningxia Red is an antioxidant rich wolf berry supplement drink that supports my body to stay healthy. Ningxia Red is also packed full of vitamins and is infused with essential oils that are very uplifting and always help boost my energy. I seriously do not like going without it, because of how much I enjoy it and how it benefits my body. Check it out here.

Ningxia Zyng is an energy drink formulated to replace some of those not so natural energy drinks out there. My husband approved Ningxia Zyng as “pretty good for being good ingredients” which made me happy, considering that he enjoys a Redbull now and then. The Zyng also has the wolf berry in it, as well as vitamin B and other helpful energy supporting ingredients that you don’t have to feel like you are compromising on. Zyng is sweetened with fruit juices, stevia, and some cane sugar (Non GMO). It comes in a can, is carbonated, and tastes pretty good , so you don’t have to have too hard of a time switching from those not so natural energy drinks.

Out of the two, the Ningxia Red is my favorite, but the Ningxia Zyng is a close second.

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