Stress Away

Stress Away is an essential oil blend from Young Living. Currently, it is one of my top five favorite oils. Here’s why.

  • It smells amazing (I love the smell so much that I use it as perfume)
  • It supports relaxation and calmness (it’s named appropriately)
  • This time of year it smells like a candy cane when diffused with peppermint
  • It’s so helpful to apply on my chest and wrists as well as the back of my neck any time I have to go to a doctors or dentist appointment
  • It’s a uniquely relaxing oasis in a fast-paced world
  • It’s formulated with vanilla, lime, cederwood, lavender, ocotea, and copaiba.

I literally never want to run out of this oil blend. Thank you, Young Living, for making such a treasure of an oil for me.

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