Get Back Up Again: When the Going Gets Tough

I simply wanted to share with you my notes from a video I recently watched. I felt that the info that was taught is relevant for any hard job/struggle in life, so here you go (I apologize if it’s hard to read, but keep in mind they are just notes).

Admit that you’re struggling.
Find an accountability partner who isn’t struggling with it at the same time but has made it past that, and has experience.
Don’t try to keep it to yourself or try to fix it yourself.
Trust God!
Get support.
Reassess – write it down. Are your goals attainable?
Sit down and dream. Dreaming enables us to feel encouraged and excited for our future.
Figure out your “why” and write it down. Is it lifestyle, financial freedom, health? etc.
Is your why a reality? Ask your team/close family/friends “is this attainable?”
Write it all down. If you don’t write it down, it doesn’t exist.
Where do you want to be in a year? Five years?10 years?
Go back to your why! Be motivated and excited because of your why.
Goal setting. Make goals and work towards them.
Make smart goals. SMART= Specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, time bound.
Specific: go clean your room vs. make your bed, put your toys here etc. You need specifics.
Measure your progress: where do you need to be by this time? I need to grow _______ much. Make them measurable/possible.
Attainable: it actually could happen. Not insane, not shooting too high but shooting at an attainable rate. Again, ask your accountability partner “is this attainable?”
Realistic: make it realistic by your growth history etc. dream big, but wisely and honestly. You don’t want to write something down that makes you so overwhelmed you just want to throw it away so you don’t have to look at it. Don’t underestimate yourself. Be kind to yourself.
Time bound: set dates with your goals. It makes it more attainable and keeps yourself accountable. It helps to give yourself motivation. You have a finish line that you are striving to reach! Why didn’t I accomplish that in the time that I wanted to? Reevaluate, go back to your why, reassess and try again.
Be and example! You can’t tell people about ________if you don’t use/share_________. Use them. Share them. But don’t share them unless you use them and love them. Make sure you research it yourself and not just taking someone else testimony and copying it. Use your own testimony. Share about what is real in your life.
Just Do It! Its hard. No one said it would be easy. You have to do it. You have to prioritize it. You are never in it alone. Reach out for help.
Don’t wait till you are swamped.
As you see results you’ll find yourself wanting to do more.
Learn from your time that you fell or made a mistake or let yourself go. Don’t beat yourself up about it, but learn from it, and move on.
Feeling like a failure and being very disappointed?…That’s okay.…get motivated. If you want it and need it go for it. Ask for help!!!! Hustle hard.
Set tones for people. Don’t slack and fall for others to follow. Be an example that when you do fall you don’t let it get you down for more than a moment, and you Get.Back.Up. Be the leader you want to follow.
Show them it is possible.
Allow breaks, but be wise and figure out yourself and your strengths etc. Don’t take too much time off and get lazy.
Above all, trust Jesus.

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