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Nourishing Sugar Scrub

When I was attending Young Living beauty school I learned how to make a super simple sugar scrub. I just wanted to share with you how it made me feel when I used it this last week.

My sugar scrub had myrrh and carrot seed essential oil in it, both of which are new oils to me. I haven’t ever used them before, and wasn’t sure how I felt about these two oils because of their smell. What I found when I used the sugar scrub with these oils in it, was that the smell was very earthy with a slight carrot smell, and was actually rather soothing. It didn’t smell bad/odd like I expected.

I LOVED using this scrub in the shower! I had learned that myrrh and carrot seed are really beneficial to the skin and for supporting skin healing, so that’s why I chose those two oils to put in my sugar scrub. My experience with this sugar scrub was so nice. My skin felt soothed, and calmed, which is rare since I have serious eczema.

I encourage you to try the recipe! You won’t regret it.

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