Do you do anything fun for Halloween? As an adult, I don’t go through a whole lot of trouble to find a costume, but I do like to dress up. This year I chose to make my costume. I decided on saving money and getting creative. I decided on being a Greek goddess, and went with Athena as my model. I fashioned cardboard to be my crown/helmet, and made a spear and arm guards, and a belt out of cardboard also. I spray painted them gold and called it good.

I had a lot of fun doing my make-up (using Savvy Minerals) and curling my hair. I found a white sheet from the Goodwill outlet store, and just somehow managed to make it work, no sewing involved. At the last minute I added a shield to my costume, because my eldest brother (who also is a kid at heart) said I needed it to complete my costume.

What did you do for your costume this year? Share some ideas in the comments!

P.S. Totally unrelated, but fun for Halloween, I am offering $25 back if you want to take the next step into a healthier lifestyle and purchase your first kit today (10/31/17).

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