Young Living accountability

Did you know that Young Living works with a company to help keep them accountable and ethical for their product creation process? I just learned today that Young Living works with SCS Global Services as their accountability choice.

SCS Global is a third-party environmental, sustainability and food quality certification, auditing, testing and standards development service to big companies. This means that Young Living knows that humans can make mistakes so they double check things themselves, and then hire a third-party to also do auditing etc. SCS Global is financially independent, which means that they cannot be paid to provide a company with a specific result from testing/auditing. They charge a fee for testing regardless of the volume of sales attached to the product. How neat is that?

Young Living is an open book.

They were happy to provide me with this information and gave me even more details here on how they make Young Living sourcing standards.

I just keep learning new things about Young Living that I am impressed by! I think Young Living chose a pretty neat company to keep them in check too. Check out SCS Global Services for more details on what a neutral third party means to them:


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